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Project Description

Cindy Haas at Universal Health NW is our benchmark for the perfect working relationship. Cindy has a big heart, guess that’s why we saw an artichoke for her. Diving deeper into the illustration, you’ll find the leaves of the choke are that of an octagon. The symbolism behind an octagon deals with: regeneration, totality, infinity, rebirth, transition. Seemed apropos for a holistic health company. Octagons have 8 sides…the actual shape of the number 8 itself, is often equated with interdependence and interconnection and the Principle of Correspondence: “As above, so below.” When presented this symbolism to Cindy she mentioned that has always been her FAVORITE quote.

All that she is and does is in alignment with spiritual and universal methodologies. We came up with the name Universal Health Northwest as it applies to health holistically and, much like our Cindy, is universally sound. Cindy had mentioned that she was going to a convention and she was inquiring about getting her book copied. “What?” we replied? “If you’re going to a convention AND have a book, we need a trade show presence and a book design. We designed the elements and had everything printed, down to the tablecloth and designed her book for her. Of course, the challenge being to jump off the shelf and stand out from the clutter. A big, giant picture of a mouth should do it! Cindy is incredibly intelligent and gifted in so many ways. She’s sharing her knowledge of holistic health and wellness at local health conventions and mind, body, spirit expos around the nation. Follow her! And get the book!