Building Relationships with Customers in Vancouver and Portland

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Building Relationships with Customers in Vancouver and Portland

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Building Relationships with Your Customers on Social Media
Businesses today are increasingly using social media to connect with customers and build relationships with them. These platforms are less formal and give you the space and flexibility to build personal bond, which in turn helps you convert your audiences into customers. So, what are the best social media management techniques that you can use to build relationships with your customers?

Take the initiative

One of the biggest benefits of social media is that you can take the initiative and go to your customers’ comfort zone. Carry out basic research to find out the social media platform that has the highest concentration of your target audience. Although you need to distribute and strategize your social media management campaign across all social media platforms, you need to pay special attention to these specific channels.

Create “shareable” content

No matter the social media platform, come up with share-worthy content. It is equally important to customize the content depending on the platform. For example, short messages on Twitter, visually appealing photos on Pinterest and interactive content on Facebook. If you can manage to achieve this, you can not only acquire new customers but also build loyalty amongst your existing customers.

Observe before you talk

Social media is a great platform to promote your products and broadcast offers and deals. However, most businesses make the mistake of using social media exclusively for “talking”. You can put these channels to better use by “listening”. Take note of the conversations on various social media platforms, especially where the name of your business is mentioned, and respond to them instead of simply harping about your brand.

Interactive videos

Be it YouTube or Facebook, videos can be used anywhere to connect with your customers. Focus on creating interactive videos with two things in mind. First, it must offer useful information about your products or services. Second, it needs to be strike an emotional chord with target customers. Storytelling is one good theme for videos. Most importantly, plan your videos such that the viewer seems to be the main hero of the story. Interactive videos that go viral get a lot of mileage for your company as well.

Start groups

Create communities on social media and encourage your customers to become a part of these. As your customer base grows, the community will grow too. Ensure that the atmosphere in the group is very positive and friendly. Keep publishing interesting and engaging content, videos and information to create a sense of oneness with your brand.

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