Marketing Plugins

SEO Plugins

If you want to build a larger online audience, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is imperative. While WordPress on its own is great for SEO, right out of the box, there are SEO plugins that can help your content rank higher. Here are a couple of WordPress’ best plugins to help you implement a better SEO strategy.


With more than 5 million active installations, Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins out there (it’s also one of the most downloaded plugins among WP Engine customers). Yoast helps you improve SEO, increase reader engagement, and attract more visitors through social media with its settings. The plugin’s main features include keyword optimization and content analysis—the plugin will literally tell you what you should change in your content, keyword-wise, to rank higher in search engine results. Other awesome aspects of Yoast SEO include a readability check, which ensures its technical configuration rolls out the red carpet for search engines, as well as easy canonical URL enablement, 24/7 support, and more.

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO is another tool that allows you to optimize your content for search engine results. While this plugin offers powerful SEO functionality out of the box, there are also advanced options (including an API) for developers. All in One SEO supports many integrations, including Google sitemaps, AMP, Google Analytics, and it’s PHP 7+ compatible. One of the most useful features in All in One SEO is its “Pages” view, which allows you to make bulk changes to the SEO title, description, and keywords of your content.

WordLift – AI Powered SEO

WordLift brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to help publishers and content editors produce richer content, grow their organic traffic, and engage with their audience. This plugin helps you organize posts and pages by adding facts, links, and media to build beautifully structured websites, for both humans and search engines.

SiteMap Plugins

A sitemap is a list of website pages that puts your content into an organized model, making it easier for web crawlers to navigate your site. When your WordPress site has an effective sitemap, it makes it easier for search engines to understand what types of content you’re offering and it can improve search engine rankings. Aside from the already mentioned SEO plugins (which include sitemap functionality), here are a few other sitemap plugins you might consider.

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is among the most popular sitemap plugins with more than 2 million active installs. You can use this plugin to generate a special XML sitemap that helps the most popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and index your site. XML Sitemaps is easy to use and it won’t detract
from site performance.


Jetpack by WordPress offers a multitude of security, performance, and site management features, including sitemap capabilities. Upon installing, Jetpack automatically creates a sitemap for your site, as well as one tailored specifically for Google News. If you decide to use a different sitemap plugin, you can still install Jetpack for its other features and turn the sitemap capabilities off.

Lead Generation Plugins

A business simply cannot survive without adequate lead generation; without lead generation, you can’t reach out to new customers and discover opportunities. To grow your business, it’s essential to have an effective and reliable lead generation plugin on your WordPress site(s). These plugins will help you collect and manage emails, find new clients, and expand your

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

Hubspot All-in-One Marketing is a free WordPress plugin that will help you grow your email list, manage your contacts, and send marketing emails all through HubSpot’s free CRM. This plugin includes lead capture tools like forms, popups, live chat, and an integrated free contact database (CRM). Hubspot All-in-One Marketing also allows you to build and send email campaigns and manage your digital ads through HubSpot. All these features work immediately with no developer help needed.

Popups by OptinMonster

OptinMonster helps you grow your email list and get more subscribers with popup and other types of high converting optin forms. OptinMonster is available for free, but does require a paid subscription to use. The plugin comes with an easy-to-use form builder, exit-intent technology, page-level targeting, and behavior automation, all of which have resulted in massive conversion rates for users.


SumoMe generates leads by helping your readers tweet and share your content. The plugin also adds a pop-up opt-in signup form on your website. Tools like the SumoMe welcome mat, smart bar, scroll box, and more will help you grow your  traffic while collecting valuable leads.


MailOptin is another great plugin that helps with lead generation, customer acquisition, and email marketing and automation. The plugin allows you to exponentially grow your mailing list and display targeted messages across your
WordPress website(s) with popups, before and after post-optin forms, and sidebar/widget subscriber forms. MailOptin also lets you send automated/event-triggered newsletters such as automatic new post notifications.

Instagram plugins.

While Instagram is a popular social media platform for sharing visual experiences and memories, it’s also a great outlet for showcasing your brand through visual storytelling. If your brand has an Instagram account, why not share it on your website? There are a number of awesome Instagramcompatible
plugins that can help you add your photo feed to a specific page or post on your site. Here are some of our top picks. Just remember…if your profile is set to “private,” be sure to change it to “public” or these plugins won’t work!

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

If you’re looking for a mobile-friendly and responsive template for sharing your photo feed, then the Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed plugin might be for you. This plugin allows you to display one or multiple Instagram accounts, giving you the option to choose from thumbnails, medium, and large photo sizes. The plugin also contains a “follow on Instagram” button, the ability to randomize the order of your images, shortcode options, and complete customization with CSS and JavaScript.

10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed provides you with an enormous range of options when it comes to displaying an Instagram feed on your site. Fully responsive, this plugin provides user- friendly management and easy setup.  You can easily embed a gallery into any post or page using a shortcode, or by activating the
plugin’s sidebar widget. The plugin also gives you the ability to choose from a range of different  layouts, as well as the ability to filter out any specific photos you don’t want to be displayed. You can even redirect your images to open via

AccessPress iFeeds

If looking to display your feed in a mosaic view, look no further than AccessPress’ iFeeds plugin. This plugin gives you the option to choose from three beautifully designed layouts that you can display on your site. Simply use a widget or shortcode to insert your Instagram feed into any post or page on your site. For a larger range of customization options, AccessPress also offers a pro version of its iFeeds plugin.

Contest plugins.

What better way to attract more visitors to your site than by offering them a powerful and enticing contest or giveaway? There are two things that are pretty much universally liked in this world: winning and free stuff. The giveaway item doesn’t have to be substantial either. After all, free is free. Not only will visitors feel the urge to participate, most contests involve social sharing which will generate even more traffic to your site. These contest plugins will make it easy to set the rules, establish a time limit, promote the event, and choose a winner.

Contests by Rewards Fuel

Contests by Rewards Fuel is a great plugin that can help your contests go viral. Administrators have the ability to set up specific guidelines that require users to complete tasks on social media to win, such as sharing on Facebook or creating
an Instagram hashtag. Currently, there are 16 entry methods for contests including newsletter entry, an Instagram follow, and more.


Design and launch social referral contests and programs using InviteBox. With this easy-to-use, straightforward plugin, you can set up an instant reward  referral, referral contest, goalbased rewards, or a sweepstakes campaign in minutes.

Monetization plugins

Monetizing a website is mission-critical for many WordPress users, but it can be a serious challenge. One good way to start monetizing your WordPress site is by using display ads. Through ad management plugins, a banner is typically
provided by affiliate networks or display advertising platforms (like Google Adsense). With one of these plugins in place, you can easily place an ad on your site to start monetizing.


Instead of uploading your ad to a widget, AdRotate lets you schedule and upload ads through an interface. Scheduling ads can be great if you know certain ads perform better at certain times. You can also specify how ads rotate, and either show one ad at a time or have the ads rotate at a predefined time, such as every few seconds.

PayPal Buy Now Button

The PayPal Buy Now Button is a great plugin for securing purchases, and increasing your chances of monetizing your site(s). With this plugin installed, customers who don’t have their credit card on hand can make a direct purchase through their PayPal account. The plugin is super easy to set up, and in minutes anyone from around the world can start buying products or services from your site.

Affiliate plugins.

Whether you already run an existing popular WordPress site or your site is still building a loyal audience, affiliate plugins  are a great way to help you monetize your site. Adding affiliate links to your pages and posts is a great way to cash in on your efforts. These affiliate plugins will help drive sales on your site.

WP Affiliate Manager

If you’re looking to drive more sales to your store or site, WP Affiliate Manager might be for you. WP Affiliate Manager helps you track your referrals and affiliates sent to your site so you can give the correct commissions. The plugin also reports on real-time traffic and sales so you can track earning and payouts. Even better—there’s no limit as to how many affiliates you can sign up.

Easy Affiliate Links

Another solution for managing all of your affiliate links is Easy Affiliate Links. With this plugin, you can create short links to cloak your affiliate links so they blend in with your content. Links can easily be created using the visual and HTML editor. Add-ons are also possible and include things like analytics and
geo-specific links for regional and local sales support.


If you’ve already launched your website and you’re still waiting for the sales to roll in, it’s time to start telling people about your business. Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest and most effective marketing strategies, even if you’ve never done any marketing, ever. AffiliateWP is a premium (paid), full-featured affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress that makes affiliate marketing easy. Set up your affiliate program within minutes, and start recruiting affiliates to promote your WPEnginehosted website.

Crowdfunding plugins.

By adding crowdfunding links to your site, you can assemble your users behind a cause. The purpose of crowdfunding is to raise funds for a cause you believe in, which is easy to build on WordPress. Here are a few plugins that can implement this feature.


IgnitionDeck offers a unique crowdfunding framework that enables donation functionality. With this plugin installed, you can utilize real-time stats with both beautifully designed frontend and back-end displays. IgnitionDeck works exquisitely with thousands of WordPress themes, and upgrade options allow
you to integrate with multiple gateways, build your own white label crowdfunding platform, and much more.


The Charitable plugin provides a WordPress fundraising toolkit that gives you complete control over your WordPress fundraising efforts. Through the plugin, you can help users support a common cause. Utilize PayPal and offline payments, or you might consider a premium payment add-on, like Stripe
or PayFast, to tailor your crowdfunding needs to existing or new content.

Ecommerce plugins.

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, however, since its inception, it has evolved into a fully functional platform for creating an eCommerce site. Thanks to plugins and third-party developers, you can easily add eCommerce functionality to your site without even knowing how to code. Here are a few of
the top WordPress plugins you can use to equip your site with eCommerce functionality so you can start selling today.


WooCommerce is the leading ecommerce plugin with more than 5 million active installations and counting, featuring a complete suite of tools to help you build and run your online vendor business. Out of the box, WooCommerce offers
hundreds of integrations including PayPal standard gateway, check and bank transfer, Google Analytics, basic shipping options, the ability to add premium extensions for options such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, inventory management, reporting, compatibility with any WordPress theme, and much more.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is an eCommerce plugin that makes it easy to sell non-tangible goods on your site. Whether your download type is software, documents, photos, ebooks, songs, graphics, or any other type of media file, the Easy Digital Downloads plugin makes your content available for purchase
worldwide. Even better, the plugin supports 15-plus types of payments and is multilingual.


The BigCommerce for WordPress plugin combines the flexibility of WordPress with a robust commerce engine to allow mid-market and enterprise merchants to scale like never before. Scale your site with WordPress on the front-end and free up backend resources from things like catalog management, payment processing, order fulfillment and more. The BigCommerce plugin does the heavy commerce lifting, letting you scale your eCommerce without losing speed or uptime.


Although Shopify is a standalone platform, it’s also been developed into a WordPress integration so you can sell items on your blog or WordPress site. The extension works to create a standalone mini-storefront on your WordPress blog or website, connecting directly to Shopify’s secure shopping platform. It’s super easy to set up and gives you a ton of customization possibilities so your end-user won’t even know they’re on two separate platforms.