Improve LinkedIn Retargeting Success with These Helpful Resources

Fuseology Creative Marketing Agency Vancouver Wa 98664 Marketing Agency 35 7

Fuseology Creative Marketing Agency Vancouver Wa 98664 Marketing Agency 35 7

It’s a sobering statistic: 92% of first-time website visitors aren’t planning to make a purchase.  And that’s just in general — in the B2B world, the customer journey tends to be more complicated and lengthy. 

Because of this, retargeting is a must for B2B marketers who want to optimize their efforts and ad spend. Why spread your budget thin constantly targeting new customers when you can speak to an audience that has already qualified itself, expressing interest in your brand by visiting your site or engaging with content? Retargeting offers a way to identify these visitors who are more likely to convert and present them with more content about your brand. And it works: the average clickthrough rate for retargeted ads is 10 times that of display ads.

Effective retargeting builds on visitors’ behaviors to guide them along the path toward a purchase. LinkedIn’s retargeting capabilities help you speed up the buying journey with tailored content based on visitors’ previous actions — whether they checked out your website, watched a video, or opened a Lead Gen Form.

  • Website Retargeting: Find visitors who visited specific pages or certain combinations of pages.
  • Video Retargeting: Specify audiences that reached a certain point in a video.
  • Lead Gen Form Retargeting: Isolate individuals who started to fill out the form but never finished or submitted it, or identify leads who did submit the form for nurturing.

LinkedIn enables you to measure the results, so you can continually optimize your conversions, both by narrowing down your audiences for retargeting and by tweaking your content to engage with prospects more effectively.

We’ve created a couple of helpful resources to guide your retargeting efforts so you can get started increasing your conversion rates on LinkedIn. 

Retargeting by Video and Lead Gen Forms: An Overview

With retargeting by video and Lead Gen Forms, you can connect with interested prospects based on their previous interactions with your brand on LinkedIn, whether your goal is to increase awareness, engagement, or conversions. You can retarget those who started to watch a video as well as individuals who opened or submitted a Lead Gen Form. 

This video presents an overview of these new features and how you can extend your reach and scale your efforts with the LinkedIn Audience Network.

Making It Happen: Your Retargeting Checklist

This handy guide provides you with what you need to know to successfully launch your retargeting strategy on the platform. Steps and tips include setting up tags on a website, using rules to define an audience, identifying an objective, and best practices for website, video, and Lead Gen Form retargeting.

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Once you’ve familiarized yourself with retargeting on LinkedIn, log into Campaign Manager to set up your campaign while driving toward greater conversion rates and a better return on your advertising investment.

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