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  1. The product is your own mobile marketing phone number.
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  3. When people dial your lead generation number they listen to an automated short recording and if interested in the information they are directed to “press 1” to continue.
  4. At this point the AVA, automated virtual assistant engages and begins a virtual text message conversation with your new lead.
  5. The prospect is directed into any affiliate offer or any website of your choice and all contact info data including mobile number and email is collected and stored in your contact manager. You can follow up in any way you want and direct people to anything you want.
  6. Affiliates of this product are paid to generate leads with the tool in multiple ways.
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Does SMS Marketing Work? How to Be Successful with Prove SMS Marketing Campaigns

Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

1. Market Segmentation

Mobile devices are near 7.2 billion and they’re multiplying 5 times faster than we are. Most of them – if not all- are SMS enabled. Bearing this small piece of knowledge in mind, each trafficker has to apprehend that unless the audience targeted is divided, any SMS campaign is condemned to failure. it’s of preponderant importance to differentiate your campaign’s texts from spam SMS. All you have got to do is integrate your bulk sms provider with the depends upon your purchasers and do totally different methods for each cluster.

2. client support

The thought of specializing in what’s best for the client isn’t new to the marketers. As way as SMS campaigns are involved, the consumer has to apprehend that he/she consented to receiving SMS on-line and wasn’t simply picked indiscriminately. For this reason, opting-in should be terribly clear and direct to the consumer. Usually, it involves either using a brief or long code to opt-in or subscribing via an internet kind. consumer consent causes you to trustworthy towards your customers and enhances their loyalty and responsiveness to your 2-way SMS campaigns.

3. Personalization Sending text messages isn’t a privilege granted indefinitely. The client should not feel intrusion or disturbance, whereas receiving a text message. On the contrary, the message has to be anticipated. the simplest thanks to confirm positive reception is to stay up a not-so-overwhelming frequency and build the consumer feel distinctive once receiving a message. For example: “Ben! Tomorrow is your lucky day! profit of the discount coupon for your favorite edifice before it expires!”. This way, the message is sent, you consumer feels special and you narrow the chance of your message being labeled as spam.

4. Be pretty!

Like any alternative media-related campaign, your internet to SMS message has to be appealing and easy to recollect. the utilization of slang or abbreviations can undermine the worth of your complete and long or difficult messages could avert the client even from reading through the whole SMS. URLs don’t seem to be better-looking either, thus in such cases wherever they’re necessary, it’s powerfully counseled to use a uniform resource locator shortened. Remember! A message that’s simply preserved to the memory, will increase the responsiveness and positive reception of successive message.

The Advantages of SMS Marketing

We pay several our daily in with our mobile phone with us as oppose to ahead of a laptop. Several studies commence inform that there’s a exponential growth in worldwide mobile phone suppliers. it’s calculable worldwide 2.4 billion individuals are causing and receiving text messages. thus you may not enkindle a bigger, additional numerous client base. each phone out their support SMS. net marketers are realizing that potential to focus on an outsized audience exist with SMS selling. For potential marketers if you’ve got a product or service, you directly pitch to mobile user. Unless you’ve got the experience, you visit the established firms to try to your SMS selling. SMS, that stands for SMS stands for text message with most length of 160 characters.

SMS marketing is similar with bulk SMS wherever sizable amount of text messages are sent quickly and simply after all with product to sell or promote. In SMS selling, you initially have to be compelled to compile or acquire list of potential customers you wish to achieve. Most bulk SMS supplier give info on the program during which to make a guide text message. Those programs conjointly give capability to alter the majority SMS supported client name.

Let’s say you wish to push a brand new CD of a preferred cluster through your web site. Potential SMS trafficker obtain list of thousands of fans and their mobile numbers thorough varied fan sites and build a text message with link to preview of song embedded within the text message. Potential client will click on the link and acquire a free preview of the song on the CD. With the assistance of Bulk SMS suppliers program, you’ll be able to send thousands of messages in few seconds.

Advantage of SMS marketing over email marketing is wherever SMS is taken into account additional spam free compared to email. SMS delivery is additional bound than email wherever it principally find yourself as direct mail. most vital blessings of SMS marketing is instant delivery of messages, no technical coaching or skills are needed to use the code, Bulk SMS marketing software is secure, and simple to use utility with user friendly interface.

Top 5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Important For Small And Big Enterprises

Top 5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Important For Small And Big Enterprises

In an age of digital marketing, more traditional approaches of SMS and email marketing have taken a backseat. Whether it be a small or a big enterprise, everyone wants to boost their business. In order to grow their business, enterprises these days are completely focused on social media and digital marketing. But as they say ‘Old is Gold’, Bulk SMS is still a vital approach; small and big enterprises must consider.
SMS Marketing a great technique for Enterprises
SMS marketing is still a vital approach for small and big enterprises
Here are some of the reasons why Bulk SMS is still the best bet:
Immediate and Focused : While it is true that digital marketing has a wide outreach, still the results yielded by it are not immediate. On the other hand, Bulk SMS helps to cater to a massive audience in an instant by sending bulk SMSes to your contacts. Moreover, SMS marketing can be designed to specifically cater to customers. Not only does it provide better results, but it also yields it faster.
Mobile-Friendly : In today’s world around 95% of the population is in possession of a smartphone. And with the upcoming technology trends, it has become almost customary to make your business as mobile-friendly as possible. However, unlike the limitations of digital marketing such as platform oriented and more, SMS marketing is not bound by technological advancements. Hence, you can reach almost each and every mobile without putting in any additional efforts.
Eco-Friendly : Due to globalization, sustainable development has become a key aspect which is expected of every business. SMS marketing is the only technique having the lowest impact on our carbon imprint. It is the best eco-friendly method to communicate on a global scale without inducing high-frequency radio waves damaging to the environment.
Direct and Simple : In contrast to different creative strategies of digital and product marketing, SMS marketing is a more direct approach. Any enterprise can directly communicate with their customer by the means of an SMS almost instantly. In addition to being direct, SMS marketing is genuinely simple and is easier comprehend. Also, there is room for a lot of creativity in SMS marketing as well. Also, SMSes have limited word count and that’s one reason why they are concise and to the point.
Cost Effective and Insightful : SMS marketing is one the most economically befitting marketing strategies for all businesses of all shape and sizes. The investment involved is low while the return margin on SMS marketing is quite huge. The charge per SMS comes around INR 0.10. With targeted audience and creative marketing tactics, Bulk SMS offers some best results with little capital. Moreover, SMS marketing is easily trackable and highly insightful. Any enterprise can conduct a thorough analysis and alter their strategies to suit the audience.
If you are a small or a big enterprise looking to communicate directly with your audience in the most cost-effective way, SMS marketing is one of the best options you must stick to. Not only will it boost your sales but it will also help you understand and cater to your customers efficiently and effectively.
Different Types of Bulk Sms Marketing And Its Benefits

Different Types of Bulk Sms Marketing And Its Benefits

Bulk SMS Marketing campaign has been converted into the cheapest achievable way for approximately all small business willing to get into the market with its offered products to the new customers. If the whole work is completed in the correct way, one could expect to earn big amount of money with the help of Bulk SMS Reseller Service Provider. In this article, one would be able to know about few simple steps, which would assist individuals in receiving success through bulk SMS marketing actions.

Assurance of Sending Targeted Messages to Others:- Passing on of a great many SMS messages or messages to people, who never indicate interests in the offered items and in addition administrations. This would clearly prompt the spamming movement. Along these lines, it is fundamental for one to limit the objective clients with the prime target towards improve the deals. In the meantime, one ought to lessen different possibilities identified with spamming or blocking messages. As indicated by the mass SMS promoting situation in India, organizations sending SMS messages to just target bunches have prevailing to win more benefits as advantages when contrasted with their partners.

Give the Option of Unsubscribe to Customers:- In the following stage towards mass SMS advertising, it is basic for each advertiser to give the choice of withdraw to their clients. By giving this kind of office to others, organizations could hope to improve their validity in an intense way. This would, in addition, decipher better offers of the business wander.

Make a point to Sell Right Stuff:- One ought to dependably incline toward for the best arrangements by mean of traditionally subsidiary offers of different advanced merchandise.

Guarantee about Right Software Selection:- Choice of the correct programming fit for performing mass SMS action is basic for each advertiser to make progress. For this situation, picked programming ought to be of effectively usable and fit for producing legitimate reports, in light of which one could hope to acquire upgrades the propelled crusades.

Decide for Clear Call towards Action:- Commonly, advertisers neglect to lay out a legitimate way for clients despite the fact that they compose SMS in an appealing way. For this situation, clients could not ready to comprehend about important activities, which they need to take for snatching benefits.

Capitalizations Over Suitable Brand Awareness:- Each SMS send in mass to the general population ought to basically feature about the brand freeway. This is of tremendous criticalness at the season of accomplishing redundancy in deals and in profiting of brand dedication.

Continuously Prefer to Put Best Option at the Top:- In the event that one needs to feature about more than one offering with the assistance of the mass SMS; one should put the best offer at the best position. This would get bigger odds of getting great prospects or clients from the market.

Reward Customers with Special Offers:- Advertisers should give extraordinary offers to their clients at whatever point they secure any item from the organization.

Do Few Works Over the Database:- Databases fill in as greatest resources for individuals, in light of which individuals should give their opportunity in developing such points of attention and keep an eye on them in plunge way.

Predictable Attempt is Essential:- At the end of the day; business faculty ought to surrender after their disappointment in the initial step. Rather, SMS advertisers should endeavor previously mentioned advances reliably to get achievement. The Bulk SMS Marketing in Kolkata helps one by providing them with the most efficient bulk SMS service that creates the most reach out to the most targeted audience and make the business grow fast.

Things You Ought To Know About SMS Marketing Today

Things You Ought To Know About SMS Marketing Today

After waking up in the morning, what is the first thing you check? Before you get to greet your family members, check your watch, your newspaper, drink your morning cuppa and so on and so forth- you HAVE to check your phone. The message inbox is one of the foremost things that comes in front your eyes at the beginning of your day. The number of times you will check your phone during the rest of the day of course depends on you. But the chances of you immediately responding to the sound of the arrival of a message are very high. This implies that the visibility of an SMS is much higher than that of an e-mail.

If you are running a business today then you probably know the value of being in touch with an SMS Marketing Company. More than 90% customers are known to open phone messages and a large portion of them do respond positively. So it is the surest way of reaching a wide number of people instantaneously and therefore a great method of helping your business grow.

But did you know that there is more than just one kind of SMS? Before you move on to customize the services you avail based on what you need, you ought to learn about what it is that you are signing into.

Now bulk messages are primarily of two kinds: transnational and promotional; each carries its own specialty and its own catch.

Differences between Transnational and Promotional messages:

The names themselves are quite telling in nature. Transnational messages only denote that a certain kind of transaction has been made. It can be a statement about confirmation of an order or a note to parents about the absence of their ward. Promotional messages on the other hand are schemes that help promote a company. All messages declaring discounts, sales, offers, etc fall under this category. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has made the distinction between these two kinds very strict. The Do Not Disturb service, if availed by people, blocks their phones from receiving promotional messages. Another catch with this is that this kind of message is only delivered within a fixed time period, that is, 9 am to 9pm.

But these stipulations are not applicable for transactional messages which can be delivered round the clock. They use different delivery routes to make this possible. Even usage of DND does not stop their flow. So needless to say it is a highly monitored secure zone. If one uses transactional messaging routes to send across promotional matters it could cost the business a huge fine or even seizure of trade license.

How can one escape this problem?

If there is a problem, there can surely be a way to work around it as well. If your company website or mobile application has a section for registering customers you can implore your buyers to register their details for better services. If they ‘opt in’ like this then you can send promotional material by bypassing DND blockage. ‘Opt in’ option can also be availed through making a missed call. If you get in touch with a Bulk Sms Service Provider In Kolkata, all your doubts will be cleared and you will get a clear picture about how the whole system operates. Employment of user friendly online interface can multiply the good effects of SMS marketing by leaps and bounds.

So subscribe at your earliest and watch your business grow!

SMS Marketing- Your Gateway to Effective Communication

SMS Marketing- Your Gateway to Effective Communication

SMS marketing (short message service marketing) is a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages. To receive text message specials, new product updates or more information, customers are usually required to opt in to an automated system by texting an initial shortcode.

When the 5 digit code is texted, that user’s phone number is then stored by whatever SMS marketing software is issuing the texts. A confirmation response is usually sent as receipt for opting in, with an opt-out code included for potential future unsubscribing.

All this process is carried down by mobile marketing agency that conducts this service that is bulk SMS. It is the most effective way of marketing, in order to reach the targeted customers. Sending message is the most easiest and affordable method to promote the goods and services of the company. Companies need to send bulk sms to introduce new products and services.

Why SMS Marketing?

Instant Deliverability

SMS is lightning fast, literally putting your message into your subscribers’ pockets or purses seconds after you send. The average time for all mobile carriers and SMS services is less than 7 seconds from send to receive. However, other marketing strategies are also incredibly fast, but nothing compares to the swiftness of SMS.

High Open Rate

Compared to email marketing, SMS has a staggeringly high open rate. Essentially, almost every SMS sent is opened (and read), whereas only a fraction of emails sent are read. When a subscriber feels that buzz in their pocket or hears that trill signaling a text message, they always look. In some cases, text messages are automatically opened, where emails aren’t. Subscribers have a choice to open your email.

High Conversion Rate

There is an incredibly high rate of subscriber action. Whatever your SMS is – promotions or contests – there is more action taken compared to any other marketing or promotion strategies.


Unlike email, SMS doesn’t have to battle against spam or other email filters. If anything, SMS is more of a direct connection to your customer base than any other marketing strategy, and there aren’t any barriers.


Not only is an SMS campaign affordable for budgets of all shapes and sizes, but you’ll also see a healthy return on investment from SMS marketing.

Many such sms marketing companies in Mumbai & sms gateway providers in banglore are excellent in providing this services.

Quick Feedback from Customers

Research shows that 31 percent of consumers will respond to a survey via smartphone. Brands can initiate surveys via SMS and receive results in relatively short amount of time. The average response time is less than six minutes.

Customer feedback is valuable information for businesses. This data helps the company improve its products. Customer feedback also helps the company learn more about market trends and gain a better understanding of what customers like and don’t like.

Here's Why SMS Marketing will Never Collapse

Here’s Why SMS Marketing will Never Collapse

Despite several predictions surrounding the death of SMS Marketing, business-to-consumer (B2C) text messaging continues to enjoy a double-digit growth. SMS is gladly enjoying its early twenty years while there are many others predicting its imminent demise at the hands of newer forms of mobile messaging.

Given that up-and coming consumers, the ones between the age of 14 and 18 years, send an average of 300 text messages a day, it is unlikely that this granddaddy of personal and quick communication is collapsing anytime soon.

In fact, as and when that generation will start to develop purchasing power, SMS Marketing will be a critical and the most reliable way for brands to reach them.

How is it possible?

The growth of IP-based messaging applications has been on a rise. However, these apps are not compatible with each other, as long as enough of your friends are using the same one, it works out.

But what if you are a brand and you want to connect with your consumers using mobile messaging, which app should you use?

The myriad of non-interoperable, IP-based messaging apps represents one big fragmentation headache. This is where one of SMS’ core strengths comes in: it works out-of-the-box on more than 6 billion mobile devices.

In the world of business-to-consumer messaging, SMS is alive and thriving.


  • Mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous, and brands and enterprises who want to connect reliably with their customers over mobile are increasingly turning to SMS.
  • The rate of SMS spam is relatively low due to stronger regulation than email.
  • There is an increase in the use of two-way SMS messaging by companies who want to connect with their consumers directly, whether to provide support or craft special offers.
  • Research shows that 70% of consumers are willing to receive offers from brands they trust.

OVERALL, MOBILE engagement between companies and their customers will continue to grow.

Several companies are still in the process of learning, how to refine their marketing strategies to tap this opportunity, with mobile messaging forming an important part of the mix.

And while it is complemented by other technologies such as push notifications for smartphone apps, SMS will continue to be the messaging cornerstone as the only messaging channel with reach to virtually every mobile on the planet.

Like the youngsters in their early 20’s, business-to-consumer SMS also has a bright future.

Growing SMS Marketing in The Business World

Growing SMS Marketing in The Business World

SMS marketing is one of the prevailing Internet marketing strategies used by industries to exert a pull on customers. Text message marketing is one of the authoritative online marketing strategies for every business. These most recent Internet marketing strategies make available companies to have elasticity during recession. SMS marketing help companies to have smaller amount budgets for their marketing campaigns and also have good quality turn over ratios. SMS marketing is used by most of the companies today for their business online due to its reputation, benefits and compensation.

With mobile marketing, you need not have to think for customers to receive coupons in the mail and you do not have to look forward for them to see your ad in print anywhere. In actuality, this is a beleaguered message sent to a targeted subscriber, sending the right message to the right person every sole time.

SMS carrying the messages such as “Free cover charge” or “2 for 1” can attract great traffic in your nightclub and bar. This increases your redemption sales. Moreover, the messages are delivered to around 95% of people in just 15 minutes.

There are several text marketing advantages for small scale businesses and organizations that need to increase sales, without increasing their advertising expenses. No doubt that it has rapidly become the leader in the mobile marketing as an advertising medium and that too for good reason. Organization and businesses who could no longer afford or stopped getting the same results from long-established marketing such as print or direct mail have now found message marketing to be the answer they have been looking for.

SMS marketing is for customers who wish for buying from you end and almost certainly already have is the most cost effective and produces the highest return on investment versus any other form of advertising. The rate to gain a new client, no matter the market you are in is elevated versus the cost of keeping a presented customer. Business owners need to look at the life-time value of a client and work to expand this time period.

Many businessmen are adapting these marketing strategies and are receiving a good positive response from the market. This marketing does not even require a huge heap like investment. If you are thinking to market your product, better think about it. Now you can get on board, save some cash and have interactive amusement.

Sms Marketing Is Proving To Be Effective For Promoting New Products

Sms Marketing Is Proving To Be Effective For Promoting New Products

Marketing is the best way to promote new products. Advertising about a product is an effective way to improve the standards of a company. Many marketing applications are available in the present day such as Internet, direct, mobile, database, etc. SMS marketing is proving to be one of the best among marketing applications. It is the most effective method of informing customers about products and services with many key considerations that contribute to a successful marketing campaign. It also helps in maintaining privacy among customers, which is important for preserving the integrity of the mobile marketing industry and also consumer best practices.

SMS Marketing provides consumers with the information they need to make choices about a marketing program and enables them to control which mobile message they receive. Establishing strong consumer privacy standards can protect the mobile channel from abusive, unethical marketers. Spam issues are not present in this marketing type and they also support consumer privacy standards. They are also implementing a group text messaging software, which allows one to launch bulk SMS campaigns and are robust in SMS API’s and Gateway to handle largest mass text messaging efforts. They help in promoting business, run text-2-join campaigns, polls and contests, and group text messaging, which helps in making the work easier and quicker. Many benefits are available such as SMS coupon delivery, customer notification of specials and sales, event-based SMS communication to drive event participation and much more.

One can also use short codes for marketing to make the work secure, can share marketing growth in fresh and easy ways, schedule text messages easily as it is possible to schedule work prior to date, and add new keywords that help to lighten up the credits for the product. One can also use multiple keywords to compare the results of advertising programs. SMS Marketing helps to reach out to many customers for a reduced cost and is time-saving as well. Calendar reminders are also available through which one can receive messages about a friend’s birthday, meetings, functions, etc. Email notifications are also sent to customers’ mobile phone to remind them about important tasks such as bill payment, tax payment, insurance payment, etc.

Numerous advantages are up for grabs for the ones who use SMS marketing as a medium of communication. They help in creating an effectively targeted marketing campaign, send solicited messages only, market on a one-to-one basis, reach customers at any time and at any place, avail an easy-to-use management interface, etc. It is also possible to log in to the expresstext site to get more information about SMS marketing and get the benefit. SMS marketing helps customers by providing information through text messages and can also provide security to information by guaranteeing confidentiality as well.

How a Business Can Take Advantage of SMS Marketing?

How a Business Can Take Advantage of SMS Marketing?

Saving is equal to earning and there could be no denying to this fact. If you can save money then you can increase your profit without doing any effort. Recession has gone and companies are back to business but a majority of companies are not in the position of investing huge money in marketing as they have suffered huge loss during recession period. Marketing is central to every business but you can choose cost effective marketing instead of expensive print and visual ads. In short, you can use SMS marketing to build your business and save money while promoting your business.

Ask an ad agency which is the cost effective way of promoting a business and it would tell SMS marketing. Flashing a million marketing messages is much cost effective and beneficial than publishing an advertisement in a leading newspaper or magazine. Print ads are viewed by the readers of a specific newspaper but marketing messages can be read by all the mobile users as you can flash bulk messages to all the mobile users. Another advantage of SMS advertising is that it is affordable. You can send millions of marketing messages at a few hundred dollars and generate leads worth thousands of dollars.

A great feature of SMS marketing is that you can stop a campaign if you don’t find it useful. For instance if you find that your marketing messages are not getting positive response from the users then you can stop the mobile marketing campaign to review the message or change setting. This kind of flexibility is not available in print and visual ads. One can’t stop a print advertisement from publishing, if it has gone to press. Also one can’t change the marketing message in a print advertisement once it has printed on the newspaper of magazine.

SMS marketing is for every business whether it is a large group or a small service center. Air conditioner service technicians, motor mechanics, carpenters and interior designers can distribute their contact details to their prospective customers with affordable mobile marketing. Retail stores and outlets can also target their customers and bring them to their facilities with the help of mobile advertising. A business need not to worry about finding a SMS service provider as there are many ad agencies that provide quality SMS advertising service to their clients. You can locate a reliable ad agency and the best negotiate mobile marketing price for your marketing campaigns.