What Should You Be Measuring Now? Live With Marketers Is Tackling This Topic with Top Experts

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Fuseology Creative Marketing Agency Vancouver Wa 98664 Marketing Agency 11 4

Our modern ability to measure everything is both a blessing and curse.

No matter what you want to track or quantify pertaining to your online marketing activities, there is likely a tool or solution that can do it. For the ambitious analytical mind, it can be tempting to try and measure it all, compiling mountains of metrics into massive dashboards. But in doing so, we risk running ourselves ragged and drowning in data.

Making decisions based on quality information, and proving out the impact of our efforts, are as important to the marketing profession now as they’ve ever been. But doing so in this climate requires an ability to adapt and prioritize on the fly. 

For our next episode of Live with Marketers @ Home, we’re bringing together top experts in analytics to shed light on the present and future of marketing measurement, bringing some much-needed clarity to the chaos.

Immeasurable Disruption

The 2020 Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey Report from Demand Gen Report found that 40% of marketers believe their ability to measure and analyze marketing impact “needs improvement.” Only 13% rate their companies as above-average in this regard.

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Same old story. When LinkedIn surveyed marketers a couple years ago, only 18% said they felt they were successfully and accurately measuring ROI. This has long been a struggle, and it’s only growing more unwieldy as outside forces disrupt businesses to the core and redefine the KPIs we are accountable to deliver upon. 

On Friday, September 18th at 2:00 PM ET, Live with Marketers: What You Should Be Measuring Now will offer some fresh perspective, exploring the unique nature of measuring performance in our current times while pointing you to some powerful new tools that help turn analytical mystery into mastery.

Here’s what’s in store:

Live with Marketers @ Home: What You Should Be Measuring Now

We’re beyond excited about our guests for this episode. I’ll be joined by Tsvetan “T.” Tsvetkov, SVP for Nielsen, and Mike Menkes, SVP for Analytics Partners. These are two of the foremost experts in the marketing measurement field today, and they’ll be ready to share their knowledge and answer your questions in real-time.

Here are a few of the topics we plan to cover:

How to Measure in an Economic Downturn

Before the pandemic struck, B2B marketers were also facing a broad disconnect. Namely: we’ve been measuring ROI too quickly. Research shows that 77% of marketers were measuring within the first month of a campaign, even though the average buying cycle had extended to six months. 

Now, the issue is magnified. A new B2B Buyer Behavior Study from Demand Gen Report found 68% of respondents reporting their B2B purchase cycle has increased in length from a year ago. 

As my colleague Sean Callahan wrote, “The reality is, most marketers are showing up to their book club having only read a sixth of the book.” Today the percentage might be even smaller. Along with T and Mike, I’ll explain how you can zoom out, slow down, and get the full picture with your marketing measurement.

How to Plan for a Strong Recovery: Driving Growth and ROI

One of the critical nuances of measuring during a recession is thinking ahead. Conditions are all but certain to change in the coming months, and marketers will want to be planning around these shifts in order to optimally prepare themselves. This requires us to rethink some conventional methods and best practices. We’ll unpack what that looks like.

A Look at the ROI Genome from Analytics Partners

I’m very eager to chat with Mike about his company’s innovative ROI Genome solution, which helps marketers attach meaning and actionable insight to their metrics. It does so by “quantifying how a wide array of factors such as synergies, brand attributes, marketplace changes, regional dynamics, and the competitive landscape, impact marketing.” The ROI Genome’s capabilities for forecasting and planning are especially intriguing in the scope of this episode’s discussion.

How LinkedIn Can Help You Optimize Your Measurement Strategy

I’ll admit: LinkedIn can be one of those platforms that compels an ambitious marketer to get starry-eyed with their measurement approach: there is just so much you can track and analyze. We’ll help you refine your analytics and zero in on the metrics that matter based on your campaign objectives and goals. 

Predictions on the Future of Measurement

How will marketers be measuring their impact in a year? Five years? There’s no way to know for sure, but you won’t find many better sources to weigh in than T and Mike, who’ve been closely monitoring the field’s evolution for years and helping shape its path forward. 

Join Us on a Journey to Marketing Measurement Mastery

The data is clear: measurement is one of the most pesky and pervasive challenges faced by modern marketers. I can’t wait to break it down with two of the top thinkers in analytics so we can help you craft a smart roadmap for data-driven success on LinkedIn and beyond.

For an idea of what to expect, I encourage you to check out our Live with Marketers Hub, featuring past episodes and additional content. 

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By: Alex Rynne
Title: What Should You Be Measuring Now? Live With Marketers Is Tackling This Topic with Top Experts
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