Frequently Asked Questions About GMB, SEO, Social Media & Internet Marketing

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a profile that displays on the right side of Google search results when someone searches for your local business or local keywords related to your business. GMB includes things like hours, contact information, services you offer, posts that you generate, your business review status and links to customer reviews, images that you upload to your GMB account, and promotions.

Taking advantage of your Google My Business profile is the best way to increase your local visibility on Google, and we’ll show you exactly what to do.

What Does GMB Verification Mean?

Google My Business Verification is a process for claiming your business account. Google wants to know if you truly own the business you are listing in your GMB account.

Verification for most businesses includes requesting a post card from Google that contains a 6 digit code. Once you receive the code, you enter it into a designated entry form. After you enter the verification, you truly “own” your GMB listing.

Will I Need to Have a Google My Business Website?

When you come onboard as a Client, setting up your GMB Website is part of our standard process. We optimize Images, services, business hours and all keyword rich content for your business niche.

Your official GMB website appears when people locate your business listing on Google Search and Maps. If your business has an existing website you can choose that site, what we refer to as your “main site”, as your GMB listing website.

The site you select gives site visitors and potential customers the opportunity to view your business services or products that you offer. We recommend you do create a strong GMB website inside your GMB account and use this to promote your main website.

What is a Google Post?

A Google My Business post is a short container of content that provides an opportunity for you to publish your services, products, special offerings, and events directly to Google Search and Maps.

By creating posts, you can place your promotional text, photos, or videos into your Google listing that will be displayed to prospective customers when they find your Google My Business.

When you become a customer of Fuseology Creative, GMB Posting is part of our Standard Service

Do I Need To Supply Images for Google?

As a customer, we work together to find and optimize images that fit your Brand Image across your Online Assets. Website, GMB, Social Media and Business Directory sites.

Google encourages you to upload images that show your business location, your staff members, interactions with customers, and on the job photos and videos.

Google will display your images and videos to help people find your business across all Google search types, including in organic search and Google Maps.

Google has very broad rules on the use of images and videos, however, they must be related to your business offerings. By uploading images that you provide, we can give your Google My Business listing a big boost in the Google listings.

How Long Will It Take to Set Up My GMB?

After reviewing your Online Business Audit, we will formulate a plan to get your GMB Optimized and generating phone calls. 

It will depend upon the size of the Google My Business campaign, we ask that you allow two working weeks to create all the assets necessary for a GMB account.

Does My GMB Have to Show My Address?

If you are a service based company Google will allow you to not show your business address. 

Google does not make it easy to create a Google My Business account without an address.

We recommend that you at, bare minimum, have an address at a real location within your service area.

A “real location” for Google is a business location like a restaurant or physician, a home, an apartment, or an industrial building.

Google My Business will not verify use of a postal office box number, a mail box facility, or a shared office work space.

Will I Get a Report of Work Performed?

Yes. After we establish a scope of work for your ongoing project, website or GMB, Fuseology Creative will send out a monthly report of rankings for the Keywords that we have identified to generate traffic.

Will I Need a New Website?

If you already have a website and it is running properly, then you may not need a new site.

We always perform a thorough website analysis before we begin any marketing campaign. We want to be absolutely certain your current website will have all the necessary features, architecture, and content to compete in your market.

If our research indicates that your site is not up to standard, we will recommend that you acquire a new website.

How Much Will a New Website Cots?

We custom design every website and use WordPress as our core CRM.

We know what design types work for specific markets and industries, so we keep your site visitors in mind. Since we do custom work, we cannot quote a website price without first analyzing your business and your requirements.

Following our initial consultation we research your business, your market, and your competition to create the best website plan for you.

Most website projects start at $5K and move upward in price from there. The main factors in pricing are the size of your website, special features, and the necessary content to correctly build your site.

How Long Will It Take to Build My Website?

We want to make certain you are very pleased (ecstatic, over the moon, in love with, gushing) with your website when it is completed.

We implement several critical steps to build your site, including the all important strategic plan, design generation, programming the front end (the part of the web people see), testing for quality and any debugging, launch phase also known as “go live.”

One significant factor in the time to completion for a website is the content delivery. If you will be supplying content, please deliver in a timely manner so we can finish on time and on budget.

Although every project has its own unique features, we can typically complete a website design and development in three to six weeks.

Do You Offer Hosting?

Yes, we’ve used several hosting services over the years and we have narrowed preferred hosting to a few of the very top providers.

We use only VPS hosting for our own website(s) and recommend the same for your business site. VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. The value in a VPS comes from the exclusive use of a server space managed by the hosting service.

Your website will avoid the conflicts that arise from the typical shared hosting. VPS hosting costs slightly more than shared hosting, but is so much faster, safer, and more secure.

Hosting with us typically costs on average $20 per month (paid yearly) and includes SSL and support.

How Long Will It Take to Get Results?

What is the time frame for a successful campaign?

Google uses over 200 unique ranking signals, so we cannot accurately predict how a website ranking schedule.

However,our experience with many clients over several years indicates that a typical campaign will start to show significant improvements for longer search terms within 90 days while the more difficult competitive terms will show a boost in rankings in 180 days.

Please note: SEO is considered a long term marketing strategy that continues to provide the best marketing return on investment (ROI).

Why Are You Different Than Other Companies?

We have over 18 years experience working in technology and internet marketing industry. We are at the top of our field in this industry. 

We are led by industry veterans that have been performing SEO for companies in the United States. If you ask, “can you show me examples of your previous work and share some success stories?” the answer is Yes! we definitely can show you examples of our success.

Every company says that they can deliver you results, but we have the experience to back that up