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Google AMP Project-Accelerated Mobile Pages

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Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google’s (GOOG) new project, Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP), offers its users a way to accelerate their mobile search results. The company launched this project in October 2015, meant to accelerate the news-reading experience.

Since then, publishers and media companies have prepared their content to deliver it to the AMP version. According to Google (GOOGL), AMP content loads nearly four times faster and use approximately ten times less data than the similar non-AMP pages.

AMP versus Instant Article

Media companies such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the BBC have already started publishing content using the AMP specification.The content can be accessible through a dedicated Top Stories section at the top of the search results pages. Google makes use of caching, or saving copies of this content on its own system, in order to deliver it to the end users more quickly.

The AMP service is similar to what Facebook (FB) delivers with its Instant Article feature. Instant Article allows publishers to publish an article on Facebook’s dedicated page instead of redirecting users to their websites. However, AMP has a competitive edge over Instant Article, since it saves content in order to reduce loading time and provides faster access to the users. As a result, it offers publishers with better monetizing opportunities and significant outcomes for advertisers.

Twitter (TWTR) group product manager, Michael Ducker, notes that users spend more time browsing pages when they have faster access to the company’s mobile application. “It’s better for Twitter to have a mobile app that’s fast.” Ducker continued, “We’re not announcing anything now around integrating AMP pages into our clients, but we do believe AMP is the way forward.”

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