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Is your business Mobile Ready for Goolge’s “Mobilegeddon”?

Google has announced in April 2016 that Mobile websites will play a major factor in SEO.

With our plans we make it affordable to have the best!

Built on Amazon cloud hosting we can ensure 99% up-time for your mobile website.

The key to creating a great mobile site is the careful implementation of thumb-friendly features. These are what provide your customers with the small screen experience they require.

Click to Call, Mobile Maps,


Available Mobile Website Features


Flat UI Design: A flat user interface is an increasingly popular design for websites and encourages customer conversion.
Flexible Navigation Styles: Easily select from various navigation styles.
inSights: Create an ultra-personalized website that’s content will automatically change based on a visitor’s proximity to a business, how many times they’ve visited the site, time of day and more.
Modern Templates: An ever-growing library of sleek and modern templates provides the basis for every Fuseology website.
Font Styles: Over 50 font styles are available to be used throughout a site.

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Easily integrate other marketing platforms with your website. Locu



| Yelp |



Google Maps


Google Adsense













We help tie you Web-ology website directly into Social-ology for a seamless interaction across your brand. Simply post a blog on your website and have it automatically sent to all of your connected social media accounts, track and monitor your reach and interactions with Social-ology.

Click-to-Call: Enables customers to call a business in one click from a mobile device.
Maps Google: Integrated with Google Maps, provides step-by-step directions to a brick-and-mortar location.
Multi-Location: For businesses across a region, provide a map for site visitors detailing each store location.
Online Scheduling: Available through vCita, enables customers to schedule appointments on desktop, tablet and mobile.
Coupons: Put coupons into the hands of customers by dragging and dropping them onto a site. Control the amount of the discount, duration of coupon, etc.
Restaurant Menu: The content from a menu of an existing restaurant website will be automatically imported when using this widget and laid out in a beautiful new format.
Business Hours: A crucial part of any website, this widget can be filled out manually or automatically imported from a website.
Contact Us Form: Drag and drop a Contact Form into a site to give customers an alternative way of reaching out.
Click-to-Email: Provide visitors with the ability to directly email the small business that owns the website.
Yelp Reviews: Displays your best reviews directly on a site to build a business’ credibility with potential customers.
OpenTable Reservations: OpenTable users can reserve a table in just a few clicks via the the Reserve a Table widget.
PayPal: Make it simple for customers to make a payment by adding an easy-to-use PayPal widget.

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Search Engine Optimization – We do this standard on everyone of our Mobile-ology website.

Mobile-Friendly Design: Web-ology optimizes images and text to comply with Google’s standards for mobile-friendliness.
Robots.txt: Automatically included, robots.txt informs search engines which pages should and should not be indexed by search engines.
Site Map: Web-ology automatically generates a site map for each site. This informs search engines what pages they should crawl.
Page Titles: Control the title of each page for ultimate search engine visibility.
Meta Keywords & Descriptions: Control the keywords and descriptions for every page on a site.
Customizeable Page URL’s: Customize the URL for each page of your site. This improves search engine visibility and informs the user what page they are on.
Alt & Description Tags on Images: Improves the ability for search engines to discover images found on your website through search.
301 Redirects: Redirect one URL to another. Extremely helpful in maintaining strong SEO when switching from an existing site to Web-ology

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Mobile Matters Now More Than Ever

For the first time, the Google is looking at more than simply relevant content. The Search-Engine-in-Chief is now also looking at how good of a user experience yoiur site is providing to visitors and using this as a ranking factor.

The change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.

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What’s the difference between a Mobile App and a Mobile website

When it comes to deciding whether to build a native app or a mobile website, the most appropriate choice really depends on your end goals. If you are developing an interactive game an app is probably going to be your best option. But if your goal is to offer mobile-friendly content to the widest possible audience then a mobile website is probably the way to go. In some cases you may decide you need both a mobile website and a mobile app, but it’s pretty safe to say that it rarely makes sense to build an app without already having a mobile website in place.

Advantages of a Mobile Website vs. Native Apps
If your goals are primarily related to marketing or public communications, a mobile website is almost always going to make sense as a practical first step in your mobile outreach strategy. This is because a mobile website has a number of inherent advantages over apps, including broader accessibility, compatibility and cost-effectiveness.

Immediacy – Mobile Websites Are Instantly Available
Compatibility – Mobile Websites are Compatible Across Devices
Upgradability – Mobile Websites Can Be Updated Instantly
Findability – Mobile Websites Can be Found Easily
Shareability – Mobile Websites Can be Shared Easily by Publishers
Reach – Mobile Websites Have Broader Reach
LifeCycle – Mobile Websites Can’t be Deleted

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Industry Leading Hosting on Amazon Cloud.

Reliable Hosting: Fuseology offers free hosting on the industry-leading Amazon Cloud.
Site Backups: Create site backups to store the site’s current version. You can then revert back to this version at any time.
Global CDN: Fuseology hosts static files (images, pdfs, docs, etc..) on a Global Content Delivery Network. This reduces load times for any visitor.
Custom Domain: Full control to customize a site’s domain name.
RESS (Dynamic Serving): Fuseology websites respond to the type of device a visitor is viewing the site on. Content is then optimized accordingly for desktop, tablet or mobile.
Fully Responsive Framework:  Fuseology is based on the ZURB Foundation framework.
Analyitics: Fuseology automatically tracks all stats associated with a site. Accessed via the Duda dashboard, this includes: total site traffic, user engagement and events, traffic source and physical location of site visitors. Google Analytics accounts can also be integrated with the Fuseology platform.

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